PXR kits and services now available at INDIGO Biosciences.

INDIGO launches new website with cleaner, easier to navigate design and easier access to product and service quotes

Announcing Nuclear Receptor Profiling and Panels at INDIGO Biosciences, Inc.

New Product Families

  • Human PXR
  • Rat PXR
  • Nrf2

New Screening Services

  • Human PXR
  • Rat PXR
  • Nrf2
  • New nuclear receptor panels and profiling services
  • Gene expression services

What's New at NRR?

Added a LXR pathway figure and updated LXR collection page. 

BIG Updates to the NR Collections page. There are 28 new pages with detailed information on individual NRs. Learn about the function, expression and much more.

An extensive article on Nuclear Receptor Profiling can be found here. Contains review on agonists, antagonists and inverse agonists, receptor classification and example data.

Welcome to the Nuclear Receptor Resource website, dedicated to this important family of ligand-activated transcription factors. On these pages you will find some articles and reviews about various nuclear receptors (NRs). Nuclear Receptor News (NRN)  is a quarterly newsletter put out by the editors of this website and will highlight a new receptor each issue. The NRs Page Collection will be a starting point to find more information on each of the 48 human nuclear receptors. Go to the Site Map to see the full complement of pages available.